When you just start working out, you may have a very disciplined routine. You may go every day. However, it could take some time for you to love fitness and weightlifting. When you do though, it is a great feeling. You have an interest in it, it becomes more than a responsibility. It is not a chore, it is an activity. You want to be around it all the time and one of the ways you can do that is by following fitness personalities and athletes on social media. In descending order, here are ten social influencers from the fitness industry to inspire your workout.

10. Jeremy Buendia

Jeremy Buendia is a four time champ in the Mr Olympia Men’s Physique. The bodybuilding champion is an example to shorter guys that they can get ripped and win competitions despite being smaller. The Men’s Physique division involves the smaller competitors, separate to the huge heavyweights. Buendia may not be as big as Phill Heath but he has a freakishly muscular physique. This is a result of his unbelieveable hard work. He is a role model to us all to get into the weights room and push it to the limit.

9. True Geordie

Although his podcasts are about a variety of subjects, with guests from all walks of life, Geordie often talks about weightlifting. His ‘Gym thoughts’ video is amazing motivation. It is really well shot, has some insightful remarks to help with psychology and exhibits his impressive strength. He also talks about working out on the podcasts and has even interviewed Eddie Hall on an episode. His posts on social media about getting big and strong are the perfect motivator.

8. Zac Smith

The online health and fitness coach is a great role model for young people. This is due to the fact that he lives really clean and does not take any silly risks. He encourages a safe and healthy approach to bodybuilding, as well as the usual idea that you should leave it all in the gym.

7. Whitney Simmons

This entry is an inspiration for the girls who want to lift. Simmons has some great workout advice in her YouTube videos for the ladies. She even gives full workouts for her viewers to try. She does it all, with a really engaging style and a sunny disposition. Simmons is a great social media athlete who spreads positivity amongst her followers.

6. Mark ‘Smelly’ Bell

Since ‘Bigger Stronger Faster’, Mark Bell has evolved into a big fitness personality. Part of his evolution into the face of weightlifting, is his success on YouTube. Bell now has a successful gym, the backdrop for his videos which often feature other big names. Part of Bell’s rise in the fitness industry is also his huge transformation. Bell has evolved from a powerlifter with a fair bit of body fat, to a lean bodybuilder. Bell, like many people on this list, has gone through hard times but it only makes him STronger.

5. Mike O’Hearn

‘The Titan’ gets his name from his statue-esque physique. O’Hearn is such an inspiration because he has attained his incredible athletic pedigree without the use of steroids. O’Hearn is a bodybuilding legend, dedicating his life to crafting the perfect image of the hero. O’Hearn is quite simply a winner and he does it whilst encouraging others.

4. Eddie Hall

The new World’s Strongest Man has toiled through the ranks of Strongman to achieve his lofty goals. He has had some pretty deep lows in life, not to mention his sport. Hall is as mentally strong as he is physically, he has seen dark times but using the strength he has learnt in Strongman, pushed through to the other side. The odds were against him in Strongman too, he was never the most genetically gifted but with perseverance and pure single mindedness, he achieved his goals. If anyone could doubt the legitimacy of the World’s Strongest Man competition (which they can’t) he has still deadlifted the most weight in history. He puts his soul into those record breaking lifts and that is what makes them so inspiring.

3. Phil Heath

The heavyweight king of the Olympia has a true champion’s mindset. It is his insatiable desire for victory that has brought him to the mountain top. He has always trained and competed like he has something to prove. Even after he won the Olympia, Heath was determined to defend his crown. He clings onto the title of Mr Olympia as a ruler defends his throne. That drive and passion is something we can all adapt for anything we do.

2. Bradley Martyn

The self made man had a refreshing attitude to weightlifting. He is around powerlifting and bodybuilding. He is involved in it. But he doesn’t compete, he just lifts for fun and to be big and strong. His YouTube videos radiate that playful energy from being in the gym when the atmosphere is good. Martyn often encourages his viewers to be the best they can be. He trie to use himself as an example. This being due to the fact that he is a self made businessman. He now has his own gym and clothing brand. Bradley often talks about his difficult childhood in his videos, as well as his anxiety. He encourages his viewers that suffer to seek help and make the right choices. Bradley also puts out the message that you can be vulnerable sometimes and still be really strong like him. This is just an example of how Bradley cares about his audience and does his best to inspire.

1. Calum Von Moger

This rising star embodies the culture of classic bodybuilding. He is all about enjoying life inside and outside the gym. He exudes the outer shell of a happy go lucky Aussie lad but he is very intelligent, there is a lot more going on than he lets on. Von Moger could well be the second coming of Arnold. He has the freakish physique of a young Arnold but more than that, he even looks like him. His huge personality and impressive size, despite how lean he is, have made him a social media spectacle. However, he isn’t just about posting bench press videos on his Instagram. At a very young age, Von Moger is already crushing the competition in the sport of bodybuilding. He isn’t even in the pro ranks yet and he would probably pose most of the Olympia competitors off the stage. This makes him a big inspiration to young aspiring bodybuilders.