Possibly the most coveted information on the planet, is the secret to success. How do you achieve your goals? How do you set new personal bests? Ironically, the answer couldn’t be simpler. Shall I tell you the answer? Effort. That’s it. Before you slam your laptop shut and walk away, let me explain.

Effort opens doors for you, effort makes things happen. I hit a new PB on deadlifts yesterday, something I have been trying to achieve for a while and it was all down to the right kind of effort.

The reason I say the right kind is because I’m talking about a specific type of effort. That is the secret recipe. The right type of effort involves a simplistic mindset.

I achieved a new top set on deadlifts because I attempted it without being certain I could do it. That simplistic attitude of just showing up can be the key.

It is an elusive thing to find at times but it is the golden mean between believing you can do something and seeing it as unlikely. Just attempting something, stepping up to the plate, is the quiet optimism you need.

If you have a go even when you aren’t sure you can do it, especially in weightlifting, you find a way to pull it off.

At some point while trying it, your psyche will say ‘let’s do this’ and you will find the strength. Greg Plitt once said “If you believe you can do something, your body will find a way to fucking make it happen for you.” I actually thought about that quote a lot before the session, it seemed to seep into my subconscious, it came into play in the deadlifts.

But why should you try and exceed yourself? Because when we progress and succeed, we feel truly alive.