Last week, rumours were circling that David Haye may have to withdraw from his anticipated rematch with Tony Bellew. Promoter Eddie Hearn dismissed the leaks. He assumed that they were a mind game intended to lure Bellew into a false sense of security.

haye33.jpgHowever, it seems these whispers were a bad omen for the domestic heavyweight clash. I am no psychic but I believed it was only a matter of time before this news. David Haye has injured his bicep and has been forced to pull-out of his rematch with ‘The Bomber’.

Haye’s injury is said to have been a ‘freak accident’ that occurred in training. Haye has been riddled with injuries of late, one of them even happened during the first fight with Bellew. It is clear to see that his body is struggling to hold-up.

promo330952355Former heavyweight champion, the ever controversial, Tyson Fury has entered the fold. ‘The Gypsy King’ has mentioned May 5th at Wembley Arena as the stage for the encounter. Fury’s troubles with mental health and boxing commissions are well chronicled but he seems to think he can get back by May. Will he be in fighting shape by May though?

I wanted to see Bellew move on to another big heavyweight bout, rather than re-treading old ground. This could be that fight and if its made, it would be a huge domestic clash.