Last week, on back day, I was deadlifting as always. For a few weeks now, I have been back into the rhythm of increasing the weight each time. It took me a while to break 100KG, but once I did, I was hitting a new PB every deadlift session.

I broke my PB as always by one increment. I was feeling good so I decided to put the weight up again. I had hit 115 and was about to attempt 120. By this point, a lot of people were watching me and the guy deadlifting next to me. I tried 120KG, I failed. It barely came off the floor.

However, failure is a part of success. Those failed lifts are essential. They make you say: ‘I will be better next week’. I know this because I did vow to lift it the next week and I did. I can now say that I can lift 120KG. You need an intensity, an ‘I’ll get you next time’ demeanour.

Failure brings a sense of confidence. This is because you no longer have the fear of the unknown. You know what it is like to fail, it can only be that bad. I will succeed and fail many times on my journey.

This is part of the process. You have to humble yourself in the gym to become strong. Everything else, in comparison to your training, is easy.