The new year brings an outside look at the events of 2017. Strongman has always been synonymous with New Year’s Day. However, it has found a new lease of life in 2017 and has been in the public consciousness a lot more than in recent years.

This was all thanks, to Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall. It is quite an archaic approach to broadcast a competition at the end of the year when it was pre-taped in the previous months. This fact, among other things, has led to a once popular sport fading into obscurity.

Hall on BBC.PNG

Despite the failings of the industry, in his incredible documentary, Eddie Hall vowed to drag it back to the mainstream. These words have proven to be quite prophetic. He may have done just that.

‘The Beast’ is the kind of character that breaks through and transcends the sport. In the earlier days of the sport it was the Icelandic giant, Jon Pall Sigmarsson. He played up to the image of being a viking warrior and captured the imagination of viewers, making him a star and bringing more eyes to the sport.

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With his image of the triumphing underdog, Eddie Hall has brought these days back to the sport of strongman. Hall is not the most genetically gifted lifter and he is facing off against actual real life giants. You have a Goliath in Brian Shaw; ‘The Mountain’ (Hafthor Bjornsson) from Game of Thrones and the real life Ivan Drago, Zydrunas Savickas. He’s just a strong fella from Stoke staring these monsters down without an ounce of fear.


Eddie’s story is absolutely inspiring, I will not go into detail because you should watch the documentary for that. But put it this way, Hall is someone that has been through hard times. He has used this as fuel and elevated himself to the level of sporting great.

His credentials? He placed first in The World’s Strongest Man 2017. If anyone tried to doubt the legitimacy of the competition (which they can’t) he holds the world record in the deadlift. He is the only person in human history to lift 500KG. Literally the strongest man walking the Earth.

I will miss the constant coverage of strongman when the new year is over. But Eddie promised to break the deadlift world record, he did it. Eddie promised to win The World’s Strongest Man, and he did it. If he promised to bring back the glory days of strongman he will. I imagine we will see proper coverage of strongman in 2018!

Eddie Hall’s World’s Strongest Man victory will be broadcast tonight (New Year’s Day) at 18:30 on Channel 5.