Deadlifts are one of the most important exercises you can do at the gym. If you are someone that wants to get stronger and build muscle, deadlifts are absolutely essential. They work almost the whole body but they focus mostly on the back and biceps. That is, if you are doing traditional deadlifts. There are variations of the movement that place more emphasis on the legs, but that topic is for another day.

Deadlifts are an extremely satisfying barbell exercise, especially when it comes to breaking your previous personal best. If you want to rip heavier and heavier weight up off the floor, here are six steps to help you increase your deadlift.

  • Find inspiration

There are a ton of athletes out there to inspire your training. The biggest source of inspiration for me is World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, especially when it comes to deadlifts. Hall puts everything into his deadlifts, holding nothing back. Eddie Hall puts his soul into those record breaking lifts. That kind of mentality is the reason he holds the world record deadlift of 500KG. I cannot emphasise how amazing that achievement is. They used to think it was impossible to deadlift that much weight.

One of the strongest and most famous powerlifters in the game is Mark ‘Smelly’ Bell. You may know him from a groundbreaking documentary called ‘Bigger Stronger Faster’. Mark Bell also has a very popular YouTube channel where he posts motivational and instructional content for lifters. His videos are another great source of inspiration for deadlifting. You need to aspire to be like guys like them if you want a stronger deadlift.

  • Barbell Rows

Barbell row.PNG

The barbell rows are a similar movement to deadlifts but you are already bent over and you are snatching the bar up to your belly. You are training only the back and arms in this exercise, conditioning your body to the movement. If you can get to the point where you are lifting heavy on the rows, that same weight should be easy on deadlifts because they incorporate more of the body.

  • Music

Some people do not like to listen to earphones at the gym, which is fine, everybody’s different. However, if you do, finding the right music on deadlift day is hugely important. You need something really motivational to get your head right when performing a lift you are not sure about. You can read more about this here.

  • Intense training on back day

Mark Bell.PNG

Back workouts strengthen and condition your back. A bigger muscle is a stronger muscle. Deadlifts are one of the main barbell lifts so you should be doing it at the beginning of a workout. With that said, if your back is accustomed to intense training, when you deadlift it should be accustomed to more work. This will make you feel comparatively stronger.

  • Practice

It may sound patronising to mention practice, but it really is the key. Lift as heavy as you can every back day and soon your body will adapt to the weight you are doing. When your previous one rep max becomes easier you can then move the weight up again. Putting in the work and the time is always the best method of improving on something.

  • Video your lifts

A great way to correct any bad habits you may have in terms of form, is to video yourself and study it. It is hard to see what form mistakes you may be making because you can’t see yourself. The gym mirrors help but you can’t watch your form over and over again. Perfect form makes the lift easier. Getting the form right is the best way to make progress on a lift and avoid injury.

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