These quick reviews are designed to give a brief idea of my opinion on something I have been watching. The quick hit reviews will discuss a series that I haven’t finished yet for example. I have just started watching a show with a lot of seasons but I am brimming with early thoughts on it. I thought I would give you my initial reaction.


I am an avid fan of The League of Gentlemen and its creators so it is strange that I have not seen ‘Inside No. 9’ until recently. Two thirds of the team behind ‘League of Gentlemen’ bring us yet another darkly joyous comedy in ‘Inside No. 9’.

This programme is a dream for fans of Steve Pemberton, Mark Gatiss and Reece Shearsmith as it explores the same themes as their other works but with an anthology format. Each episode is a new story, unconnected from the last except for its dark comedy and supernatural themes.


Pemberton and Shearsmith were great at world building in their previous projects but they are really flexing their creative muscles here. Each episode totally immerses you in a new world.


They also play around with new techniques while they are at it. In one episode, you are locked into a tiny flat, filled with paranoia, questioning what is real. The next, you are watching a silent film as two hapless burglars accidentally witness a murder. That episode was a work of art, the scripting and choreography involved was incredible. It is a testament to their writing ability that they can make you laugh hysterically without the characters saying a word.

The Harrowing

Another reason that this work differs from ‘The League of Gentlemen’, is in tone. It resides in the dark comedy genre but they are not afraid to take it a step further and legitimately scare you or make you uncomfortable. There are profound and moving moments too, a real range.

I am looking forward to spending more time with these characters; it has that effect on you, like all of their work. The fourth season is currently running every Tuesday. Check it out!