David Letterman, protector of old school comedy, has been a considerable absence from TV since retiring from his post in 2015. However, the master of late night talk show has made a triumphant return recently.

Letterman has always been a timeless TV giant. It feels like he has always been on television in some capacity, present at the beginning and ushering in the modern era. He survived the talk show wars as the young pretenders to his throne tore each other to shreds.

Letterman and Obama

It is only fitting that he should have an influence on this new age of on demand television. Letterman has become the latest star to join Netflix’s campaign. His new show is titled: ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman’. Rather wordy and long winded but that’s somehow fitting isn’t it?

Letterman is doing what he does best here, all be it with a few new tricks. Each episode is a sit down interview with an A-list guest. However, this time his audience don’t seem to know who is going to step through the curtain. The crowd roar with glee in the inaugural episode when Letterman announces that Barack Obama is his guest.

Letterman and Obama in the past

When the interview gets going the programme becomes a more intimate affair than we have come to expect from Letterman. You are right there with them and so are the crowd. It gives a close look into the life of someone so powerful that they previously seemed inaccessible.

Letterman interviews people associated with his guests in off-location clips, the intention being to aid him in educating the audience. That is really the purpose of the first episode. He is educating the people on Obama and where he sits in the issue of the social justice movement. This is an important watch.