The following information may carry a sense of history repeating itself as I previously reported this news for UFC 209. However, Tyron Woodley confirmed this week that he is in talks with Nate Diaz. This time though, the tentative placement for the welterweight title fight is UFC 226.

ESPN reported the exclusive this week. It comes after Nate Diaz expressed an interest in saving the UFC 222 main event. As I reported here Max Holloway has been forced to pull-out of his featherweight title defence against Frankie Edgar due to injury. The UFC have been desperately drawing for a big fight to replace it.


Woodley versus Diaz would certainly do it but the 170 pound champ has said it would have to be a non-title fight, if it were such short notice. So it seems Woodley and Diaz will throw down on July 7th at UFC 226.

Today, Diaz has added fuel to the fire by speaking to ESPN himself. This is rather unlike him. Nevertheless, Diaz called a fight with the welterweight champion ‘my best option’.

I have to say, as a fan of both of these guys, I am very excited by this news. It is especially pleasing to hear that Nate wants to return soon as he has been sitting out for a long time whilst waiting for the UFC to show him the money.

This is a really intriguing match up and great news for MMA fans around the world.

Source: ESPN & MMA Fighting