The deadlift is my favourite and strongest barbell lift. You may have already realised that given the amount I post about it. Deadlift is the biggest testosterone producing lift and it is practically a full body exercise. For that reason it is widely held as the best lift to build overall strength and size.

The ability of the deadlift to help your strength on the other lifts is correct and well covered ground. So, the perspective I want to look at it from is its ability to help your lifting psychology.

When you first start deadlifting, you hit a new PB every week. When you have been deadlifting a while, it is harder to keep hitting the new PRs because you are lifting heavier weight and your body is now fresh to it. Deadlifting a new weight off the floor requires the right psychology. When you develop the deadlift mindset, it will help you hit new maxes in the other lifts.

Eddie Hall 1000 llbs deadlift

The deadlift mindset says: ‘Easy weight. I am a champion. I am the strongest person around’. Believe that you could snap that bar in your hands. You are really that strong. Sometimes you miss the lift but if you pace around and get your head right.

Listen to that song that fires you up, you can do it. It may be a difficult one but that is the best education as a lifter. I love those scrappy lifts where you are brawling with the weight. They make champions.

Big Z deadlifting

Once you find that routine that works for you, it can be applied to every lift. It may be walking back a few steps and then marching up to the bar. It may be getting someone to slap your back or getting angry. It might help to wear a furious scowl and snort like a bull.

You might have to go into that dark place in your mind; thinking of your doubters and every time someone told you that you couldn’t do something. Having a chip on your shoulder, something to prove, it helps.

Get intense, find your deadlifter’s mindset and you will smash your PBs.