If you follow this site because of its coverage of bodybuilding and powerlifting, you are no doubt aware of Hany Rambod. For those who do not know, Rambod is a nineteen time Olympia winning coach and he is currently the trainer of Phil Heath and Jeremy Buendia. Both of those men are the reigning Mr Olympia champion in their respective divisions. Participants and fans of bodybuilding alike will be pleased to know that Rambod has started a YouTube channel.

The coach of Olympians is uploading videos of training sessions as he coaches fitness personalities. His first video is with fitness vlogger, Bradley Martyn. The premise of the episode is great because he is coaching Martyn to get back into shape after a slump.

The selling point of the channel itself is that Rambod is the best trainer in bodybuilding and you are getting his insider knowledge. In the first video, we see unique training techniques, nuances of bodybuilding that you would not think to include in your workouts.

For example, I was interested to see that, while his pupil is repping weight he will place his hands out for them to touch the weights with. He moves them up and down to different levels, this means that they are performing reps to different heights.

This felt like high quality viewing. Every so often you get a YouTube channel that put out really well produced videos that feel like they could be on TV. This is one of those channels. The inaugural episode was a 30 minute training video where the camera work and content was fantastic.

It was reminiscent of Pumping Iron, quality fitness related content that makes you feel inspired and like you are learning something. You also get that feel of the gym environment, being around the guys, the camaraderie. This is essential viewing for athletes of any kind.