Behind The Gloves are reporting an interesting rumour regarding Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. The news, which originated with Omar Al Raisi, is that the UFC were planning to announce the rematch until the infamous bus incident. The influential sports writer claimed that the highly anticipated rematch would take place in the octagon with modified rules. The stipulations of the proposed MMA/boxing hybrid fight are below:

  • Bare feet
  • 4 ounce gloves
  • Five, five minute rounds
  • Lightweight division- 155 pounds
  • No kicks, elbows, knees or takedowns but the clinch is allowed.

It would seem, if the information is true, that announcement plans were scrapped after the events of UFC 223. McGregor and co. attacked a bus full of fighters, seeking retribution for a previous incident involving Artem Lobov. The property damage and injuries made in the attack led to McGregor and a member of his entourage facing criminal charges.

If the story about a planned McGregor/Mayweather rematch is true, it is understandable that this incident would stop the announcement, we don’t even know if McGregor will be a free man from now let alone have a license.

Mayweather did say in interviews that he is officially leaving retirement and it would be to fight in the octagon. However, he sounded unsure that his first fight in the octagon would be against Conor. The second meeting sounded more like a possibility to Mayweather. This casts doubt on the legitimacy of this information.

The rule set of the proposed rematch is odd. Mayweather claimed to be moving to MMA, he has supposedly even begun training in the many facets of the game that are unknown to him with Tyron Woodley. This match though, would basically have been boxing, with no shoes on.