As I previously reported this week, a rumour has been circulating recently regarding the anticipated rematch between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. The rumour claimed that the rematch was set to be announced at UFC 223. The bout was said to take place under modified rules in the UFC octagon. The announcement was apparently cancelled after the bus attack incident that took place in the bowels of the Barclays Center, on the eve of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s lightweight title victory.

Omar Al Raisi was the first to report the ‘news’ but it has since been picked up by many combat sports news outlets. Although a less reputable secondary source, a Twitter account called UFC Insiders received a response from Dana White when relaying this news to their followers.

The tweet which included a rather silly photo-shopped image of Mayweather besting Conor in MMA can be seen below:


White’s response, which can be seen in the following image was to dismiss the notion as ridiculous.


However, his phrasing of the response is potentially interesting. He seems to suggest, all be it accidentally, that it is just the details of the rumour that are false. Not that a Mayweather/McGregor rematch wasn’t on the table at all.

I did believe that the proposed ruleset was bizarre. Why would Floyd talk about making the switch to MMA if he was just going to box McGregor in 4 ounce gloves with no shoes on? Furthermore, why would the UFC dilute their product and potentially confuse new fans by holding a match like this in their octagon?

For what it’s worth, there is some weight to the idea that the UFC were going to announce McGregor’s next outing at their last PPV. Michael Bisping recently suggested, on his podcast, that the promotion were going to announce Conor’s next fight at UFC 223, but he was ‘sworn to secrecy’ when it comes to his opponent.

It seems the MMA world lost more than three bouts due to the Irish/Russian beef last weekend. We also lost a planned McGregor return. With ‘The Notorious’ facing criminal charges for property damage and assault, whatever that plan was, it may be lost indefinitely.