I feel like a broken record when I say that David Lynch is truly a creative genius. However, here I am writing about Twin Peaks once again. There is still much to say about that world. That is the great thing about Lynch’s work really.

No matter how many times you watch his work, you always find something new. That is in fact the topic of this article. I recently went back and watched Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me again after studying season 3 repeatedly.

Phillip Jeffries

I found that there is a wealth of deliberate links between the prequel movie and the most recent season. Not just the obvious narrative connections, but in the symbolism, allusions and techniques. Let me take you back there again.

Aspects that featured heavily in season 3 were initially introduced and touched upon in 1992. This adds an even deeper meaning to the time travel themes in the third season and to a lesser extent, the prequel.

In season 3, electricity is linked to The Black Lodge. There are many shots of power lines and plug sockets after a tragic event. These shots are accompanied by a static scratching sound. The same sound is heard when Cooper is lost in another world, in this other world of existence it seems to signal the coming of an evil spirit (Judy?).

Twin Peaks powerlines

Lynch is implying that when chaos enters the world and random acts of suffering occur to innocent people, it is due to the evil spirits of The Black Lodge. Not only that, they are entering the world through electricity. The episode ‘Gotta Light?’ supports this as we see BOB being birthed into the world as a result of the first ever nuclear bomb test.

Another frequent shot is of the sky with electrical lines in the foreground. This shot occurs typically when evil Cooper is travelling somewhere.

Those same shots are see in ‘Fire Walk With Me’. The sound that we hear when The Man From Another Place appears is slightly different. The effect is the same though. We also see numbers on the electrical mast in the trailer park. There are several shots of the same thing in ‘The Return’ after a tragic incident. Interestingly, Carl Rodd is present in both.


Rodd’s trailer park, the convenience store and the sinister sound from the masts are all linked. Ideas from the prequel film being developed in season 3 makes sense if you know your Peaks history.

The prequel film was supposed to be the first in a series. Lynch intended to continue the story of Twin Peaks in a series of films, further exploring the supernatural aspect to that world. Season 3 serves as a conduit to those unexplored lost ideas. This is why Twin Peaks: The Return is so cosmic and why it fits into the prequel film so perfectly.

I have just got a beautiful special edition of Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire will be arriving soon. There is a lot more David Lynch content on the way.