I usually don’t train without listening to earphones. Come to think of it, I don’t do anything without listening to music. However, recently I found myself training without music. Surprisingly, leaving the earphones at home for a session actually benefited my workout. Here’s why you should try training without music every once in a while.

When you listen to earphones, the music is keeping your mind occupied. This can distract you between sets and allow your mind to wander. As a result, you may have longer breaks between sets and slack off slightly.

I realised this on that day where I was working out without music. Obviously the gym stereo was on in the background but it can be easily ignored; music from earphones gets right into your brain.

I discovered that without music, time passed much slower. This made me realise how much time I had been resting between sets and I got back to work more quickly as a result. This made me push harder, with shorter rest time and a better pump.

This kind of training is perfect for shoulders and arms day when you are looking for high volume, short rest time and a big pump. I will of course still listen to music on days such as chest, legs and back. I practice the big three powerlifting lifts on those days so the music is of course needed for explosiveness. From time to time though, it is good to take the music away and just be with your thoughts.