Today I picked up the Nightmare on Elm Street collection. The boxset includes all eight films in the original series. I watched the first instalment for the first time today and I must say, its a fun horror classic that still holds-up in 2018.

I love eighties movies and this film gives me that feeling of nostalgia for a time I wasn’t around to see. The synth soundtrack is almost a character in itself, chiming in from the get-go and keeping a welcome presence throughout.

Something else that is made apparent from the introduction is that the villain of this movie is a character. This is what makes it far more entertaining than the typical faceless antagonist of today’s supernatural horror. Instead of the poltergeist moving chairs around that haunts cinemas in 2018, we get some good old fashioned menace.

I believe that a really good reboot would be extremely successful. Especially if it was set in the eighties and paid homage to the original. With the success of Stranger Things and the IT remake, it is clear to see that retro adventures are very on trend at the minute.

There are in fact a lot of parallels between IT and Nightmare on Elm Street. Much like Pennywise, Freddy Krueger feeds off the fear of his victims. Furthermore, he is a negative force that preys on children and the grown up versions of people he previously terrorised. Even the music of IT and Elm Street is similar with that nursery rhyme-nursery crime vibe.

I love the practical effects and macabre creations of Wes Craven. The horror and visual storytelling still holds up. Some of the dialogue is cheesy at times but that is part of its charm.

Overall, this is a really fun watch. It’s fiendishly exciting and you love hanging out in that world, mainly because there is no line between dreams and reality. The phenomenal and the noumenal are one and the same.