The release of an extremely exciting TV show is getting closer. Castle Rock is an upcoming horror series set in the universe of Stephen King. The story, which releases on Hulu in July, crosses over with all of King’s work. As horror fans will know, Stephen King’s books all take place in the same world. Castle Rock will draw from the wealth of source material, bringing in characters from the books.

I am reading ‘IT’ at the moment and Castle Rock is a town that is directly referenced. In that instance, it is mentioned as being the location of a tragic event and its implied that this was the doing of the evil entity known as Pennywise.

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Although the sickness of Derry, Maine won’t be the focus of Castle Rock, this moment is likely the origin of the show’s concept. Like Derry, the idea is that Castle Rock has an underlying darkness that leads to more crime than the average town.

The pairing of Stephen King and J.J Abrams is genius. The portfolio of both men contains some of the best storytelling in recent times. Combine the talent with the foundation of content that the King-verse provides; you have the makings of incredible television.

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We could see appearances from Pennywise, The Losers Club; The Overlook Hotel, Danny Torrance and The Man in Black. We know that Shawshank State Prison will feature because it is key to the first episode.

Maybe it is too direct a reference but a bottle episode set inside The Overlook Hotel would be amazing. In another episode you could take it to Salem’s Lot and do a vampire story. Pet Sematary, you get zombies. The Overlook? Now its a ghost story. The beauty of an anthology series set in the King universe is that it is versatile. It can be everything a horror fan could want, one hundred genres in one. This is fertile ground for quality entertainment.