Gamers are no doubt experiencing the best kind of deja vu this week. Back in 2015, Bethesda amazed industry professionals and fans alike when they unveiled Fallout 4. E3 2018 is just one week away and Bethesda have anticipated this by releasing a teaser trailer for the long awaited next Fallout game.

This tantalising morsel came with the instruction to stay tuned for E3. The acclaimed developer are gearing up to release the details of Fallout 76.

The trailer, which can be seen above, was only released yesterday (30th May) but rumours are already starting to seep in. Kotaku are reporting details on the newest Fallout instalment, citing three anonymous tip-offs. Their report claims that Fallout 76 is an online survival RPG.

This is a departure from what the franchise and indeed the developer is known for. Bethesda’s typical style is the single player story driven RPGs. However, fans have often wondered what the epic and sprawling worlds would be like as an MMO. According to Kotaku, this instalment first came to being as just that, a multiplayer version of Fallout 4.

Fallout 76

This information is merely hearsay at the moment but there could be truth in it. My interpretation of the information in the trailer is that Vault 76 is about to empty. Vault 76 dwellers, or perhaps those of multiple vaults, are about to leave the safety of the bunkers to build the brave new world.

These are potential plot details but it adds legitimacy to the multiplayer rumours. The entire vault entering the outside world would justify the map being filled with lots of other players. One thing is for sure, Bethesda are about to reveal the details of some groundbreaking software.

Source: Kotaku