As you may be aware, Amazon are set to release a Lord of the Rings TV show in the not too distant future. The production process is potentially years away but whispers of the project’s scale are already rampant.

The TV adaptation is said to carry a budget of  $1 billion, that’s the highest a TV show has ever received. It makes sense when you consider the epic nature of Middle Earth. These facts were already known but we have received some new and exciting details this week. 

The ambitious project is in embryonic stages at the moment but Amazon have already scheduled the show for 5 Seasons. The source material is famously dense and the film series, all told, clocks in at around nine hours. To cover the myriad of characters and back story in the detail they want to, you would need that much time.

The planned length of the series is also explained by the second piece of news. The show will not adapt the main story of The Fellowship’s quest to destroy the One Ring. It will instead run as an anthology series. Each season will focus on a different aspect of the appendix, fleshing out the world of J.R.R Tolkein.

The first season is said to focus on Aragorn’s upbringing in Rivendell. This was of course a big part of the extra material known as the appendix.

Aragorn, the last of the Dunedain was raised by his adoptive father, Elrond in Rivendell. This is where he met and fell in love with Arden. This would certainly be great material for a show that is designed to give fans a further look between the lines.

The anthology structure of the show is no doubt why they already have the number of seasons planned out. The producers presumably know what corner of Middle Earth they will explore in each season.

Aragorn’s past and life after the fall of Sauron was a part of the appendix that I found fascinating. The good news is, any of Tolkein’s creations from The Simarillion, the appendix even his unfinished notes are available to the producers.

This means virtually anything from the Middle Earth mythos could be brought to our screens. What would you like to see?