Quirky and resplendent in colour, complete with punchy Motown music, it seems that this movie’s setting is an inviting place.

However, though it may be lavish, dog collar wearing Jeff Bridges is warned that it is no place for a priest. It is quickly shown why that is when a tennant of the hotel is blown away by a shotgun.

There is something very Lynchian about this. It is the way imagination and the dream world seems to cross over with real life. The way John Hamm can walk between the rooms of the hotel and observe people’s lives is like a surreal dream sequence from a David Lynch movie.

You could also draw similarities in the use of striking locations and sets. The way they are arranged to say something abstract. It may be an acquired taste and not likely to see massive box office success but I predict, this film receiving critical acclaim.

Even from the trailer it is clear that Jim Carrey is going to show off his considerable acting prowess here. A children’s TV personality is tipped over the edge when his wife leaves him for another man.

This sounds like a role that Carrey was born to play. I was initially shocked when I heard that this is a comedy drama. There were jokes in the trailer but at first it looked too dark to be a comedy.

It makes sense though when you think about it. The premise itself is a satire. It is mocking society’s blind trust of paternal television personalities.

It wouldn’t be the first story to explore the idea that a TV host could be a serial killer for all we know. They hide in plain sight because they are beamed into thousands of homes every week. They are the last person you expect. I can’t wait to jump into this darkly comic story.