Marvel and DC’s animated movies are usually confined to the DVD aisle. This is to avoid any confusion with their live action cinematic universes.

However, Marvel have thrown caution to the wind with this one. The subject matter of this movie gives them that freedom. This animated movie explores the multiverse. Multiple incarnations of Spider-Man from different versions of Earth are crossing over.

This provides a built-in explanation for the existence of Miles Morales and the other versions of Spider-Man. The mainstream viewers would need that.

The animation style is beautiful, it’s like a moving, living comic book. This sounds like a bad idea on paper but when you see it moving in action sequences, it’s amazing. It actually makes it look somehow more realistic. That is the uncanny valley effect at work.

This one looks really fun, I can’t wait to see those visuals on the big screen.

There is an excitement in having a new adventure series to jump into. Particularly when it involves an imaginative world with a deep mythos. This genre perfectly describes what Peter Jackson is great at. 

The Lord of the Rings director is adapting another adventurous book series with ‘Mortal Engines’. 

Jackson’s eye for epic scale is at work here as he shoots gigantic CGI cities that rumble along on wheels. The critically acclaimed director has an uncanny ability to give weight and tangibility to special effects.

I predict this being one of the film’s greatest strengths. The moving cities need to feel real as the characters traverse them. It would be great to see each ‘engine’ have its own feel.

Jackson’s best skill as a director is to bring real emotional stakes to fantasy contexts, even more than you feel in dramas set in the real world. I do not get that impression here.

However, it is unfair to judge a movie just on the trailer and we couldn’t possibly compare it to the Middle Earth masterpiece. I would love to see Jackson’s magic at work with this one.