Liberated and tranquil holiday vibes combined with unashamedly hipster tendencies

Alex Turner’s image and artistic output has adapted a lot since the Britpop days. However, the latest album may be the biggest evolutionary step to date.

Imagine you are on holiday in Mykonos. You are slouched in a comfortable chair in a hotel lobby. You are waiting for your friends to join you so that you can head into the town for an evening meal. It is still warm despite the fact that the sun is setting. You are relaxed and off the clock. That is the atmosphere of this album.

Some are describing the genre as ‘lounge pop’. It is the kind of music you would expect to hear in a hotel lobby or bar. 

This concept album has a really relaxed atmosphere but the lyrics retain the attitude and writing style of the band’s last incarnation.

The concept is quite out there for a mainstream band. The core idea behind the album is a strange imaginary hotel. The music style certainly reflects this but true to his style, Turner’s lyrics reference entertainment; sport and relationships. This creates an image in your head of the hotel bar singer going rogue.

This album was a brave choice because it doesn’t appeal to the general fandom. People who only want the style of ‘R U Mine’ will be disappointed. I don’t mean to be a music snob. I love their punky Britpop days as well. I also enjoy this kind of atmosphere so it resonated with me.