• Death Stranding

      Back in 2016, gamers were shown a mysterious trailer announcing a project called ‘Death Stranding’. No plot information could be derived from the surreal announcement trailer, only that it would star Norman Reedus.

      Finally, at E3 2018, we have gotten a look at the gameplay. It actually took me a while to realise that what I was looking at was gameplay. This game is stunning.

      It is clear to see that the developers are sacrificing a lot of action for atmosphere and slow burn storytelling. The player treks through stark but beautiful landscapes, the barren nature of which reflect the character’s emotional state.

      There will obviously be themes of isolation and loss. Death Stranding looks to focus on creating an atmospheric experience. Players will traverse an environment that can illustrate something abstract in a way that words can’t. 

      This one looks to be worth the wait, a high concept sci-fi, a departure from the typical cyberpunk shoot em up.

      • Spider-Man

          Many were awaiting a closer look at what Sony’s Spider-Man has to offer. We had previously seen a slice of gameplay but it seemed to be only a minor glimpse of the experience that has been promised. 

          The most recent gameplay trailer suggests fans may indeed get the comprehensive Spider-Man video game. The plot looks pretty standard for a superhero game: villains unite, organised by a mastermind.

          However, I was surprised by the drama they were able to draw out even with the stereotypical story. The most impressive aspect of the trailer though is the gameplay.

          There are some clever tricks with the environment and physics engine that create little moments. An example from the trailer is when Spider-Man kicks an inmate through the air and he lands back in his cell. He performs an aerial move that eliminates the others and lands in the iconic pose. This one should be fun.

          • Fallout 76

            The newest instalment into the Fallout franchise was the centre of a lot of people’s attention going into E3 2018. Bethesda delivered. The official gameplay reveal is pretty amazing.

            It boasts a beautiful setting of post apocalyptic Virginia, filled with more flora and fauna than any previous instalments. Players get to explore this new open world, the largest to date, with friends.

            Yes, the most innovative move they have in the franchise is to take the dystopian RPG online. The multiplayer activities look to be exactly what I enjoy most in co-op gaming, hunting huge monsters and fighting off hordes of enemies.

            Fallout 76 promises to have a really nostalgic tone. It is that love for the country, which really strikes a chord with me. The level and enemy designs look really cool, creating a rich world for players to discover.

            • Just Cause 4

              The developer of the Just Cause franchise endeavour to make each instalment bigger than the last. The fourth game looks to be no exception.

              The trailer for Just Cause 4 promises a beautiful playground to cause chaos in. The open world looks stunning with new and unique architecture. Once again there are more elements of destruction in the environment including…hurricanes.

              • Sea of Solitude

                S.O.S looks to be emotional journey. This trailer demonstrates the emotional resonance video games are capable of as an art form. The music, symbolism and visually arresting graphics all work in unison to convey the story’s themes.