Information has come out recently that Geoff Johns will write and produce DC’s ‘Green Lantern Corps’ movie. This may sound like fairly minor news on the surface, however, when we look deeper we see that big events are afoot.

Geoff Johns was in an executive role at DC but he has recently stepped down. Despite resigning from that position, he has expanded his influence in the company. 

Johns is set to take a bigger role creatively. He will have a large part to play in the storytelling of DC’s content, every format from film to comics. This places him in a head of creative type role. 

The first order of business is to write and produce the planned ‘Green Lantern Corps’ movie which is coming in 2020.

Fans are reluctant to get excited about a Green Lantern movie after the offering released in 2011 which starred Ryan Reynolds. That attempt to bring the character to life was panned by fans and critics alike.

However, a movie that focusses on the corps, rather than one character, could be  a lot of fun. There are a variety of characters to explore, the more the better. The deep mythos of the lanterns could be explored, delving into that part of the DC universe.

Not only that, Geoff Johns is writing the script and he is one of the best writers DC has to offer. A lot of DC’s most anticipated movies have proven to be expensive let downs. ‘Justice League’ and ‘Batman v Superman’ were panned by critics and fans alike. 

Specifically, the criticism from the majority was of the writing. DC appointing Johns as their head writer is a sign that they are trying to turn their fortunes around. Johns’ comic storylines are held up as some of the best writing in the medium.

Marvel have been dominating superhero movies and video games. DC have them on the TV front though and that is largely due to the work Johns and co. are doing on The Flash. Are DC looking to replicate that success and fight back on the cinema front?