Even those that are not a fan of Sam Raimi would agree that he is a visionary director. The Evil Dead franchise is a pillar of the horror genre. It is also responsible for influencing art of other genres from action to comedy. Let’s explore what makes the third movie in particular so innovative.

A brush stroke of Raimi’s art is his creative use of practical effects. That is certainly at play in Army of Darkness. Raimi uses very little CGI, really pushing the boundaries of rubber and fake blood.

Raimi’s movies are the best example of art over technology. What makes it so progressive though is its blending of action and humour. 

Most modern action-adventure movies combine the peril with comic relief. You can bet that a lot of them were inspired by this movie.

It sounds strange to say it given that Evil Dead is a horror franchise. However, by the third movie it had evolved into a product from the action-adventure genre.

The first instalment was an out and out horror, perhaps with some elements of self aware satire. Evil Dead 2 started to see comedy elements creep in and Ash evolved throughout the film, becoming a hero by the end.

In Army of Darkness, Ash is heroic and brave making humorous quips as he handily saves the world. It is a straight up action-comedy.

The Marvel movies wouldn’t be what they are without Army of Darkness. Even the more serious instalments feature wise cracking comic relief characters. If Sam Raimi didn’t take Evil Dead to the dark ages, Captain America would be like Pet Sematary.