For Twin Peaks fans, any hint at all that the show might return is welcome. Even if it is only the slightest suggestion of a development. With that said, word is that Lynch is conceptualizing fourth season of his iconic show.

A return to the world of Twin Peaks is not in the works by any means. There are no plans as of yet to release a fourth season, however, Lynch at least wants to.

In a recent Q&A, Lynch was asked what he thought about more Twin Peaks. His response was ‘it is calling but there are a lot of disturbances. Which is a very Lynchian way of putting it.

After Twin Peaks: The Return, Showtime did say that they would love to see Lynch make more. However, there are other potential roadblocks such as Mark Frost’s involvement or lack of.

This isn’t a massive development but it is something at least. After the third season, Lynch didn’t even want to talk about or entertain the idea of more Twin Peaks.

I would personally love to see a fourth season. The show and its world means a tremendous amount to me. The third season especially is responsible for making me far more cine literate and introducing me to Lynch’s other work.