‘Doctor Who’, a British household name, will see a comprehensive shake up in its eleventh season. The show’s protagonist will be played by a woman for the first time in its fifty plus year history.

Jodie Whittaker has taken over from Peter Capaldi. Steven Moffat, whose mind-bending writing breathed new life into the show, bowed out at the conclusion of season 10. 

Chris Chibnall will take the helm as the new showrunner. The latest news is that the show will see a big change on the soundtrack front too.

The BBC have announced that Segun Akinola will take over the composer duties from Murray Gold. Akinola will compose the score for the season as well as a ‘fresh take’ on the iconic theme tune.

Murray Gold has composed the ‘Doctor Who’ soundtrack since the show’s return in 2009. Gold composed some beautiful tracks in his run, songs that mean a lot to the fans. He is responsible for a lot of the show’s success. It wouldn’t have half as much emotional resonance without his musical mastery.

Many fans fear changes such as these but change is what the show is all about. After all, its protagonist changes his/her face frequently. ‘Doctor Who’ wouldn’t have run this long without making necessary evolutionary steps. I am excited to see what season eleven will bring.

Source: Entertainment Weekly