A piece of superhero news was revealed last night that feels somewhat out of left field. The latest news from Sony’s side of the Marvel universe is that Jared Leto has signed to play Morbius in his own solo movie.

There had not even been whispers of Morbius appearing on screen let alone getting his own movie.

Entertainment Weekly are reporting that ‘Morbius’ will be directed by Daniel Espinosa and the screenplay will be penned by Burt Sharpless and Matt Sazama. Espinosa has sat in the director’s chair on ‘Life’ and ‘Safe House’. Sharpless and Sazama are the writers behind ‘Lost in Space’, a sci-fi Netflix show that received considerable praise.

Although Morbius is a more obscure Spider-Man villain, I found him to be very effective in the 1994 animated show. I watched it as a child and found Morbius to be unnerving, dramatic and quite tragic.
Jared Leto certainly has a very vampiric look so the casting makes sense. There is also some great creative talent on board. This could be a really interesting addition to the Sony strand of the Marvel universe.

Source: Entertainment Weekly