‘Secret City’ originally aired on Fox in Australia circa 2016. However, it is only being noticed by many now as it has recently been adopted by Netflix. This is no doubt in anticipation of its forthcoming second season. 

I have just discovered it because of its recent arrival on Netflix UK also. I thought I would tell you what I think of ‘Secret City’ so far.

Anna Torv plays Harriet Dunkley, a journalist that uncovers a shady government conspiracy. Dunkley’s drive to uncover the corruption and lies make the show really motivational for aspiring journalists like myself.

The story inspires thoughts of cutting edge Gonzo Journalism. Writing that can change the world. The visually striking location and presence of successful people contributes to this feeling too.

The political drama was shot with realism in mind. Perspective often jumps to CCTV footage and the like. Although it isn’t directed documentary style as such, the camera somehow captures shots only that style of footage can stumble upon.

The influences ‘House of Cards’ has had on ‘Secret City’ is clear to see. The opening credits look almost identical to that of David Fincher’s presidential drama.

Hopefully ‘Secret City’ will find an audience in the UK and US now that it has found a home on Netflix. I look forward to delving deeper into this intriguing story.