Drake has been teasing ‘Scorpion’ for some time now. The latest album from the rap icon was released today and it certainly lived up to the hype. Read on for my reaction to Drake’s latest album.

This album includes a myriad of styles and vibes. Half of the tracks have the aggressive posturing lyrics and shots that we expect from rap. 

The other tracks are produced in the thoughtful style that makes Drake unique. Similar to ‘From Time’ we get thoughtful lyrics over chilled, soulful and smooth tunes.

‘Energy’ is an example similar to the tracks on the meaner side of ‘Scorpion’. Of the more chilled songs, my favourite would have to be ‘Don’t Matter To Me’ featuring a Michael Jackson sample. The best of the punchy tracks is ‘Talk Up’ featuring JAY- Z.

This is the kind of album you can put on and hang out with as you go about your day. When your mind starts to wander, a piece of Drake philosophy, a way of describing your feelings on a situation hits you through your earphones. There is a song for every mood, a vibe for every situation or part of the day.

Once again, Drake has created something that speaks to his audience. Listening to this album, you feel like it was written just for you.