I was surprised to hear today that Paramount are producing a live action Sonic The Hedgehog movie. The news that this movie was even in the works had somehow passed me by. 

The cynic in us all groans when we hear about another beloved character being adapted into a Hollywood movie. We have been hurt to many times.

However, this movie has the potential to be an excellent nostalgic adventure. The talent on board is already setting it up for success. The latest casting news is that Jim Carrey will play Sonic’s iconic villain, Doctor Robotnik.

This is genius casting. Although he has a range of talents, Carrey’s speciality is portraying the comically unhinged. He will bring that Carrey magnetism to this role, giving Dr Eggman that loud and flamboyant personality he has in the games.

Tim Miller is on board the project as a producer. Miller has experience with bringing a fan favourite character to the big screen as he directed ‘Deadpool’. This is great news as his version of the Marvel comics character was universally loved by fans and did justice to the source material.

Jeff Fowler will take up director duties on the film. Fowler was clearly chosen because of his history with animated movies. James Marsden and Tika Sumpter will interact with a CGI Sonic.

The environment of the Sonic games was always a highly stylised fantasy land. Although, it seems the movie will see Sonic appear in the real world. Marsden’s character description is of a police officer that gets caught up in the adventure. It should be interesting to see how Fowler brings Sonic to life alongside real actors.

This project could be quite hit or miss but I am excited to see what Paramount do with Sonic.

Source: Deadline