Robert Whittaker is already looking to what’s next, despite coming off of a tough five rounder in June.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Whittaker’s manager has said he can be healed up in time for November. “I’ve spoken to Rob this week and he definitely wants to be ready by the year”.

This is a testament to how game Whittaker is, especially when you consider that he will be returning from a broken hand. Whittaker’s manager is referring to UFC 231 in Madison Square Garden. No doubt one of the UFC’s biggest events of 2018.

Whittaker’s desired opponent? A former middleweight champion and future hall of famer. “And Chris Weidman, as the former champ, would be a perfect rival for that fight”.

That would be perfect. Weidman vs Whittaker is the ideal middleweight title fight for all parties. Whittaker gains a lot of prestige from a title defence against Weidman particularly if he wins.

Weidman was a dominant champion that has been sidelined by injuries multiple times. He has not yet gotten his opportunity to challenge for the belt. The fans win too because that is a great fight.

Source: The Daily Telegraph