Anime has provided a foundation for many successful live-action projects. A recent example is the live-action Netflix adaptation of Death Note. 

The Netflix offering used the iconic anime series as a basis for their own interpretation, which strayed from the plot of the source material but retained the premise and atmosphere.

Japanese media in general has a history of inspiring successful western offerings. Battle Royale influenced The Hunger Games and Oldboy was remade in 2013, with Josh Brolin playing the lead role.

It seems Hollywood are going back to the Eastern well again as a ‘Gundam movie is in the works. The popular sci-fi anime features giant robot mech suits which are piloted by humans.

Mech sci-fi is an effective but largely untapped sub genre. The premise is fertile ground for an epic adventure and if the video game ‘Titanfall’ is anything to go by, this could be a successful Hollywood blockbuster.

The westernised adaptation of ‘Gundam’ will be developed by Legendary and Sunrise. Legendary are a prolific American production house and Sunrise are the animation studio behind the original series. 

This could mean the western adaptation will have the glitz of Hollywood action-adventure, while staying faithful to the anime. 

Source: Deadline