Another of Joe Hill’s novels is being adapted for the screen. Hill’s imaginative fantasy and horror works have garnered the attention of TV and film producers before. Horns was adapted into a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe. Hill’s comic book series, Locke and Key is also set to be adapted into a Netflix original TV show.

Hill’s stories of the macabre and fantastical clearly lend themselves to the cinematic. It seems AMC have been lured in by this also as they have acquired the rights to turn ‘NOS4A2’ into a TV show.

The latest news regarding the TV adaptation is that the network have cast a well known YouTube personality. Jahkara Smith will play Maggie Leigh. The character is in possession of a portal, gateways into other worlds feature heavily in the story.

AMC might be on to something really promising here. Hill was clearly strongly influenced by other horror and fantasy works including that of his legendary father, Stephen King. Similar to Pennywise, the villain of NOS4A2 kidnaps children and feeds on their souls.

The story incorporates portals into other worlds in the shape of ordinary objects. This gives it the feel of a dark fairytale. AMC have previous success with horror TV shows in The Walking Dead. This show could be really fun and a lucrative move for the network.

Source: Deadline