Spawn is one of the darker and more subversive characters of the comicbook movie genre. Come 2019, he will get the solo movie treatment.

Al Simmons is set to Hell when he dies due to his blood soaked past. In order to return to the overworld, he strikes a deal with a demon. The price, he must become a ‘Hellspawn’, an agent of the underworld.

We are starting to see more solo movies led by comicbook villains and anti-heroes. With the over-saturation of caped crusaders on the big screen, this may be Hollywood’s play to keep the genre fresh.

The Tom Hardy Venom movie is about five years too late and looks lackluster at best. The recently announced ‘Morbius’ is an odd move as it focusses on an obscure Spider-Man villain.

However, ‘Spawn’ might do the trick. The franchise is very unique, a blend of the supernatural and the superhero genre. Also, there is a lot of talent on board.

The latest casting news is that Jeremy Renner has been cast as the detective that is on Spawn’s trail. Jamie Foxx is set to play the lead role.
The production side of the project seems to be in safe hands too. The script will be written by Todd McFarlane, the actual creator of the character and its world. He has also worked on a number of comicbook related movie, animation and video game projects.

Jason Blum will take on a producer role under the Blumhouse Productions banner. This is the best place for the supernatural thriller as the production house is behind many of the latest horror movies.

Blumhouse begins filming this Autumn (Fall) and is targeting a 2019 release.