TVLine are reporting that Joss Whedon has been given the go-ahead on his planned sci-fi show. The show was comissioned by HBO on Friday. Whedon will take the theme of strong Victorian women into space with ‘The Nevers’.

The show blends science fiction and the Victorian era. The Bronte-esque female protagonists will combat evil with their superhuman abilities. 

This is not the first time Joss Whedon has produced retro-fit sci-fi. His cult favourite ‘Firefly’ was a mix of the western and science fiction genres.

The mastermind behind ‘Buffy’ will write, direct and produce. Fans of Whedon will be glad to hear that he is getting full creative control. The ill-fated ‘Firefly’ was hindered and ultimately killed by studio meddeling.

Perhaps his work on massive franchises like ‘The Avengers’ has given the network confidence in his judgement.

I am excited to see how ‘The Nevers’ turns out. It is great to see a totally new I.P amongst the tide of reboots and remakes.

Source: TVLine