The BBC released a teaser trailer for Doctor Who series eleven on Sunday. This is in anticipation of San Diego Comic Con. We always see trailers and announcements during and surrounding Comic Con because it is the biggest yearly exibition of what’s next in popular culture.

The directing on this trailer is really cinematic. The directing and budget of the long-running sci-fi show has increased with each new series. Peter Capldi’s swan song this past Christmas was visually stunning.

I doubt the Hollywood level visuals is how this episodes will look, however, it is an indication that the show will continue to deliver stunning visuals.

This teaser gives us a look at The Doctor’s new companions. The shot-callers have decided to return to a dynamic from classic Who. This series will see multiple companions on board the TARDIS.

A lot of information is being held back so fans will be clamouring for details at Comic Con. Doctor Who series eleven is set to premiere this Autumn.