The popular comic book mastermind, Mark Millar has seen his work adaptated for cinema multiple times. Millar wrote the comic series ‘Kick Ass’ which was adapted into two movies. His comic book tale of bullet-time assassins, ‘Wanted’ was also adapted into a movie, which starred James MacAvoy and Angelina Jolie.

Netflix are the latest production house to delve into the work of Mark Millar for cinematic inspiration. Five of their future original offerings will be adapted from Millar’s work.

‘Empress’, ‘Sharkey the Bounty Hunter’ and ‘Huck’ will all be brought to life in movie form by the streaming giant’s in-house production group. ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ and ‘American Jesus’ will be turned into TV shows.

The story of ‘Huck’ will sound familiar to fans of the superhero genre. The titular character uses his special abilities for good, but his life may be in danger when his efforts to keep them secret are foiled.

However, what makes it unique is Millar’s style. He brings fantasy concepts to life by refracting them through the prism of the mundane. This is what makes his writing so compelling.

It seems Netflix are building a cinematic universe from the writing of Mark Millar. One of the TV shows, ‘Jupiter Legacy’ is adapted from a story that also involves Huck.

There are some great concepts at work here and with a possible shared universe burgeoning, something very fun could be on the way.

Source: Deadline