‘Final Space’, an irreverant animated sci-i show, has recently been added to Netflix. This is one of an increasing number of TV shows that have found a home on the streaming giant after they have aired elsewhere. 

The planned 2019 release of season two will no doubt be accomodated by the streaming service, hence the ‘Netflix original’ label. I began watching the animated show today and I thought I would give you my early impressions.

From the off, the witty writing complements the superb voice acting as a hoppy beer complements a burger. Usually in animated shows, the character would be full of potential but low on self esteem and motivation. In this case he is delusional, believing he is the dashing hero despite not having any of the qualities.

With that said, ‘Final Space’ is full of heart and warmth. Being right in the space helmet with Gary while he passes the time in cold, empty space makes you really sympathise with him.

The art style is bright and vibrant but the soundtrack is subtle. The intro is really short but there are pensively long shots of Gary staring out across the cosmos. The producers know when to keep it moving and when to take their time for emotional ressonance.

The emotive soundtrack chimes in at the right moments during those scenes, illustrating his loneliness. The band of misfits brought together by chance is a familiar clichĂ© in science fiction. 

However, that trope makes a ton of sense and this show, being a love letter, parody and commentary of the genre, highlights that. Space is a cold and isolating place, the journeymen that traverse it seek companionship wherever they can. They relate to that need for friendship that they see in fellow travellers.

Check out ‘Final Space’ it is a lovely watch. Be sure to subscribe so that you do not miss a single one of my articles!