Kevin Smith’s work is beloved by fans of geek culture, myself included. Unfortunately many of his best laid plans have not come to fruition. The last Smith directed project was released in 2016.

Smith has mentioned many planned projects, sequels and new IPs. Many of them seem to be in development limbo. However, thankfully a movie set within Smith’s cinematic universe begins filming this November.

‘Jay and Silent Bob Get a Reboot’ tackles the remake trend of the film industry in 2018. The latest news regarding the project is that Smith has cast three actors from CW’s ‘The Flash’.

Grant Gustin who plays the titular superhero is on board the project along with Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh. So Smith has cast the three most core cast members from the superhero show.

There is no word yet on a release date as filming has not yet begun on the movie. However, be sure to subscribe so that you do not miss any of the details as they are revealed.

Source: ScreenRant