CBS and Kelsey Grammar are interested in rebooting classic sitcom, ‘Frasier’. Deadline are reporting that the network are working with Grammar to put together a team.

Frasier’s return to TV screens will be a reboot, not another season of the original show. However, Grammar will return in the titular role. It is unclear at the moment how that would work as the project is in the earliest of embryonic stages.

If this revival is greenlit, Frasier could be one of the most enduring characters in TV history. He first appeared as a regular on ‘Cheers’ back in 1982. He received a spin-off show which became a household name in its own right.

The remake culture of the TV and film industry can get a little frustrating. Especially when there are plenty of new IPs that are not getting studio backing but I cannot fault this decision. Jumping back into that world will be a great source of nostalgia for many viewers.
Source: Deadline