Prior to UFC 227, Demetrius Johnson revealed that there was plan for him to defend his flyweight championship against bantamweight champion, TJ Dillashaw. Johnson said that he accepted the oft discussed superfight but the plan was nixed when he sustained an injury.

However, the UFC may still want to make a flyweight champion vs bantamweight titilist superfight. The two titles were defended on the card, the 125 pound belt in the co-main and the 135 pound belt in the headliner.

Henry Cejudo called out Dillashaw after their respective wins but is it too early for that fight? I would say it is.

There were some questions left open after Dillashaw versus Cruz back in 2016. Although I like to see new blood in the title picture, we need to see that one again.

Cejudo does not yet have the same status as Johnson, it does not make sense to book him in a fight planned with DJ in mind. The UFC should book the trilogy fight next. Not only is Johnson deserving of a rematch, it makes sense to book a rubber match when two fighters are one win each.

The winner of the trilogy fight would emerge as the biggest name in the flyweight division and it would bring some much needed attention to 125 pounds.
Rematching both title fights, before the superfight, makes it that much bigger. It would weave a narrative for that fight; the winner would be the best in the world of the lighter weight classes. This makes for more pay-per-view buys and higher stakes.

Many of the UFC’s bouts would benefit from a longer build-up. Cejudo vs Dillashaw is an example, patience is a virtue.