Since its inception in 2017, Riverdale, a TV adaptation of Archie Comics, has proven to be an international success. The CW show is an eclectic mix of mystery; popular influences and retro teen drama. It has something for everyone, earning it an avid fanbase on both sides of the pond. 

The fandom are eagerly awaiting the show’s return and the creators have already begun teasing them with details of season three.

The CW occasionally like to play with the format, last season they included a musical episode. Producers are switching things up again in season three with a flashback episode.

A full episode will take place in the past, focussing on the parents. However, this does not mean the core cast will go missing for an episode. The current generation will play young versions of their parents.

This is a really novel idea but it also makes a lot of sense. Jughead and Betty are a couple, their parents had a fling in the past. The same goes for Archie and Veronica.

The concept is very reminiscent of Stephen King’s works. In many of King’s stories, from which Riverdale draws inspiration, characters are a younger counterpart to their parents. Good and bad qualities are inherited, history repeats itself and the past intersects with the present.

Riverdale season three premiers October 10th in America on The CW. Episodes drop on Netflix UK a day later.

Source: Entertainment Weekly