The rights to two iconic action games have been acquired by monolith studio, Deep Silver. The studio announced the news via Twitter on Wednesday.

TimeSplitters is a household name when it comes to gaming. The stylised shooter was beloved by fans for its fast-paced versus gameplay. ‘Second Sight’ is a supernatural third person action adventure game.

Deep Silver promised that something is in the works regarding the titles, it seems they are poised to remake the classics for current gen consoles.

Remakes, reboots and retcons have become the trend in entertainment. We have seen this recycling culture crossover to the gaming industry of late. Two recent examples would be the remastering of ‘Resident Evil 2’ and ‘Spyro The Dragon’.

Deep Silver have a history with FPS action games as well as immersive worlds. Deep Silver are the studio behind ‘Metro: Exodus’ and ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’. They could be the ideal people to reprise these classics.

Source: Variety