Bruce Campbell is set to return as Ash Williams, the beloved and enduring protagonist of ‘The Evil Dead’. This time, Ash Williams will appear in a new Evil Dead video game. 

Bruce Campbell revealed to Megan Navarro of Bloody Disgusting that the project is in the works. Not much was said about the game but Campbell did call it ‘A whole immersive kind of dealio’. This is music to the ears of ‘Evil Dead’ fans, especially with the TV show ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ off the air.

It would be great to see a big budget adaptation on current gen consoles. One of the reasons the character is so adored is because he develops throughout the film series.

Ash changes from cowering victim in the first instalment, to a wise-cracking hero in ‘Army of Darkness’. This certainly lends itself to the RPG format.

The dream for fans of the source material would be a survival horror RPG. Nevertheless, fans will have to wait and see what is next in-store for Ash Williams.

Source: Bloody Disgusting