Avalanche Studios have released a gameplay trailer for the fourth instalment in the ‘Just Cause’ franchise. The trailer for ‘Just Cause 4’ boasts an astonishing open world and reveals the new game mechanics within.

One of the distinguishing features of the series is its creative approach to travel. You can go from A to B in a myriad of James Bond esque methods, including gliding and rappeling.

The new instalment adds procedurally generated wind currents to its world. This may seem like a minor addition but it could make traversing the environment more intuitive.

The trailer also displays the fun that can be had with the environment, using the gadgets. However, the mechanic that everyone wants to see is the tornado. The randomly generated event was teased in the E3 reveal trailer. We get more detail here and it does not disappoint.

The twisters affect the environment, not just the player. Even structures that existed in the map anyway get decimated as the tornado rips through it.

‘Just Cause 4’ has a game world that is rich with possibilities. Could this be the best sandbox game in recent years?