A matter of months ago, boxing fans would have laughed at the mere possibility of Deontay Wilder versus Tyson Fury. However, as it stands, it is one of the most fascinating future clashes.

At the end of July, Frank Warren revealed that talks between Wilder and Fury had begun. After the circus that was Fury’s return to the ring, most fans laughed at the idea. 

As more details came out; such as Wilder’s presence at ringside and the infamous ‘Nandos-gate’, the feeling that the fight is real began to creep in.

The in-ring confrontation between the two heavyweights at Windsor Park solidified for everyone that the fight is actually happening. Fury had just displayed his considerable movement and skill en route to a points decision over Francesco Pianeta. Both men promised to knockout the other and so the hype train begins.

Deontay Wilder is a monster puncher. His reckless but devestating shots, from an enormous frame, make him a feared man indeed. Tyson Fury, is a boxing savant in that he is a genius inside the ring despite his internal battles and eccentricities.

The Seferi fight in June was a return from semi-retirement. Fury had not stepped foot in a ring since the Wladimir Klitschko fight in 2015. Naturally, he looked leagues below his prime. This led a lot of people to label Wilder/Fury a gross mismatch. The emeritus champion’s win at Windsor Park contradicts this.

Fury still has a ways to go before he is back at his best but we saw flashes of his greatness on Saturday night. Tyson out-pointed Pianeta on every score card, he was in control for every second of the bout. 

Fury’s astonishing quickness was on display and his competetive spark leapt from his hands. We were reminded that is the best evasive master in the division. He out-pointed Wladimir Klitschko, ‘Doctor Steelhammer’ was far more technical than Wilder.

Suddenly, in spite of all the doubts, this fight is compelling. Fans and journalists alike are finding themselves captivated by the build-up, almost in spite of themselves.

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder have switched roles in the grand stage play that is boxing. Tyson has is intense and aggressive again. Wilder on the other hand, has revealed a playful and jovial side.

Perhaps Fury is rushing back into the title picture. Maybe it is a mismatch, but dramatic energy crackles whenever these two lightning rods are together.

Not only that, the fight is a great precursor to the eventual heavyweight title unification. Whoever reigns supreme when the Joshua-Wilder-Fury saga is done, will be the undisputed lineal world champion. History is being made.