Per a report by The Hollywood Reporter; Marvel comics have assigned Jason Aaron to their new Conan series. Aaron will pen a new story for Robert E. Howard’s iconic hero, which will arrive January 2019.

The character is no stranger to the comic book format. The publishing giant had an iconic run of ‘Conan The Barbarian’ comics in the so called Golden Era. Conan’s tales of ‘high adventure’ were brought to life with sublime artwork from the likes of Gil Kane. 

As well as the new stories, Marvel will re-release the classic offerings in special edition trade paperbacks. The artists tasked with bringing the new Conan to life include: Esad Ribic, Mahmud Asrar and Matt Wilson.

Aaron has a history when it comes to muscle-bound nomads battling monolithic creatures. His ‘Incredible Hulk’ series had a distinctly Conan-esque vibe. Aaron and his team should produce something fittingly epic and sweeping here.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter