Ariel Helwani is reporting that B.J. Penn intends to return to the octagon this year. According to Helwani’s sources, Penn is in talks to face Ryan Hall at lightweight. The match-up would likely take place in November or December.

B.J. Penn is a legend of the fight game, however, news that he is in Brazil training for a return inspires trepidation. The career of a former two-weight champion has been marred by the passage of time.

Penn’s career has followed a similar trajectory as that of boxing great, Roy Jones. Both fighters have achieved incredible feats; moving up and down in weight to share the octagon with the best around. 

Towards the end of Roy Jones’ career, we saw him brutally beaten by people that would not have lasted one round with him in his prime.

Unfortunately Penn is also unable to hang up the gloves and is losing repeatedly because at thirty nine, he should no longer be in there.

The news of B.J. Penn’s return raises an ethical question. Does the blame lie with the UFC and the commission? Is the promotion responsible to refuse veterans the opportunity to fight?

Source: Ariel Helwani