On Saturday night, UFC 228 emenates from the American Airlines Center in Dallas. The headline bout sees Liverpool’s Darren Till challenge Tyron Woodley for the UFC welterweight championship.

There are a lot of factors at play in this 170 pound title clash, in order to predict and analyse it properly, I have given it a separate post. My breakdown of the stand-out undercard bouts is coming soon.

Till defeats Woodley via TKO in round 4

People often compare Darren Till to Stephen Thompson. In the lead up to their contendership bout in May, observers would rave about how similar they are. They definitely share certain traits, both fighters incorporate the Karate influenced soft knee stance.

However, on the whole they are vastly different. Till drives forward at the sound of the first bell, Thompson takes his time and picks his shots, often looking for an opening to counter.

Till is actually much closer to Rory MacDonald. Till and MacDonald are both great at winning the battle for the lead foot position. Both men dictate the pace of the fight, backing their opponent up and pressuring them against the cage.

Examples? This strategy led Till to a first round stoppage of Donald Cerrone. MacDonald used it…to beat Woodley. We know it works on him.

The main difference between MacDonald and Till is that the Liverpool native also has knockout power. Till marches forward with that imperial stride, plants his feet and throws devestating shots.

The one time Woodley has been finished was in this exact manner. Granted, he fought Nate Marquart back in 2012 and he is much more evolved now but it could be an indication that Till’s style is the blueprint.

Woodley holds a dangerous knockout shot, which admittedly could change the course of the fight in a split second. However I think Till is too awkward to be hit. He will be wary of the champion’s explosiveness though so it may take him up to four rounds.

Woodley has said that he does not feel the need to resort to his superb grappling in light of Till’s striking acumen. I sense this is a distraction. He will shoot in the early rounds and Till may find himself working his way back up to his feet. Woodley is a great fighter and he can certainly come back from a loss like this.

Ultimately though, I forsee Till backing him up using his size, fencing him in and finishing him. Till via TKO in round four.